Facebook Advertising Case Study

We just launched a Facebook advertising campaign today targeting a demographic that likes to drink alcohol and/or use drugs. It will be interesting to see how this campaign does. The campaign is for a drug rehabilitation center located in Orange County, California. The ad management page is below along with a copy of the ad and the demographics. It’s currently targeting close to two hundred and fifty thousand Facebook users with an ad spend set for $100 per day.  The cost per click (CPC) is set to 0.55 cents a click. Stay tuned for updates on this campaign.

facebook advertising ad
Facebook advertising ad
facebook advertising ad manager
Facebook advertising ad manager

7 thoughts on “Facebook Advertising Case Study”

  1. Well it came down to us not using a period at the end of a sentence with a phone number.

    Not acceptable: Call Now 800-898-8999

    Acceptable: Call Now 800-898-8999.


  2. To date the campaign has received 73 clicks and over 300k in impressions with a total spend of $35. This comes out to an average cost per click (CPC) of 0.48 cents. There was an increase over the weekend since the terms being targeted were related to drinking and drugs and the activity for this type of activity increases over the weekend.

  3. Just got some feedback from facebook on this campaign:

    I took a look at your campaigns and things look like they are going well. Your click through rate is on the lower side, so there are a couple of things you can try to increase that.

    * Image: Images of people seem to work really well on our site. I would suggest having a couple variations of this ad, some with images and some with the Capo By the Sea logo to see which perform better

    * Targeting: You may want to expand your targeting a little bit to include iterations of partying, different kinds of alcohol (vodka, captain morgan’s, specific beers, etc)

    * Call to action: The call to action in your ad is requesting that users call for more info. If you want them to click on the ad, I would suggest using language like “Click Here” to find out more. If you are judging the success of this campaign on telephone calls and not clicks, then this is great.

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