Adding Facebook advertising to your search marketing campaign?

I just stumbled across this ebook on Facebook advertising by Matt Dickman. I’d suggest checking it out to get a better idea of how Facebook advertising works and to learn more about social media marketing. As Facebook and social networking sites continue to grow this will become more important. It’s literally changing the search marketing industry! The days of running search engine optimization and paid search campaigns alone to drive traffic to your site is becoming outdated. Reaching a broader audience through Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites is imperative to your search marketing campaign.

emarketed now offers this as a stand alone service or as an addon to current search engine optimization and paid search customers. Stay tuned for more social media updates as this emerging method of advertising expands. You can also follow us on twitter for short updates.

3 thoughts on “Adding Facebook advertising to your search marketing campaign?”

  1. As with any search engine marketing effort, deciding to advertise on facebook should depend largely on whether or not your target audience is accessible via the site. Overall, social media sites can be highly effective as part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign.

  2. I also promote some of my affiliate links on Facebook by making Facebook fan pages and also by advertising on Facebook.

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