Think Nofollow Links are Useless? Think Again!

In 2005, the infamous nofollow tag was created. When this tag is applied to a link, search engines are instructed not to take the link(s) into account for search rankings. The nofollow tag can be applied to a whole page or to each specific, individual link with the tag.

While nofollow links may seem annoying and unimportant, it’s important to remember that they’re still an important part of an effective SEO campaign. Here are some reasons why:

Helpful Links Can Still Boost Traffic: Let’s say you have some legitimately interesting or helpful links on Wikipedia, Pinterest or The Huffington Post. Even though the nofollow tag is applied to your links, people who are interested will click and be sent directly to your website. In a way, nofollow links are helpful because it encourages businesses to serve the user first and search engines afterwards.

Diversify Your Link Profile: You might think that having all “follow” backlinks is good for your site. Having no (or very little) nofollow links is suspicious because it’s not a part of a natural link profile. It’s only natural to share your site and promote it on different kinds of sites (with all different kinds of anchor text) – even if the sites apply nofollow. Your business is not only self-contained and it’s expected that you’ll gather some nofollow links here and there. A more natural profile with nofollow links from trustworthy and reliable sites is better than having dofollow links from low ranking or shady sites.

Raise Brand Awareness: Commenting on forums and Q&A sites are an easy way to share your knowledge and insights. It’s reasonable to see someone leave a link like “Your Name @ This Company“. This is just another way to build your social network and show that you are a real person who is interested in connecting with others. There are many users browse certain sites regularly and commenting consistently will help them become more familiar with your web presence.

Before you think about writing off nofollow links completely, think again. For more information about link building strategies for your small business, contact our Los Angeles internet marketing company at 323-340-4010 or send us an online message. We look forward to hearing from you!

One thought on “Think Nofollow Links are Useless? Think Again!”

  1. Nice to see people thinking things through,
    and not focusing so heavily on the Link Manipulation side of things.

    At the end of the day – the Real Game is Conversions.
    It doesn’t matter if your traffic comes from Google, or 20 different sites – so long as they Convert!
    So in most cases, it doesn’t matter if the link is NoFollowed or not,
    so long as it passes you Quality Traffic and it Converts.

    Important points to note:

    1) NoFollow does not mean Google will not follow that link.
    There are times when Google may/can/will/does follow a link, despite it being set as NoFollow, (G may decide to add that URL to it’s crawl list regardless of your desires).

    2) No one has confirmed/denied with PR/Relevancy/Trust passes when G ignores the “hint” of NoFollow.

    3) No one has confirmed/denied whether a NoFollowed link is still treated as a Link on the Origin page (as link-text on a page may carry weight).

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