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Facebook Verifies (Some) Pages & Profiles

May 31st, 2013

What is it? After many recent interface updates, Twitter has been accused of stealing profile ideas from Facebook. Now, the tables have turned as Facebook has announced Verified Pages and Profiles with a large followings of Fans. Some examples of people with verified accounts would be: celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and businesses. Read… read more

Showing Twitter Love this Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day. While you’re off being romantic today, don’t forget about showing some Twitter love! Here’s some inspiration for all you lovers out there: – Photo apps: Instagram is all the rage, but it’s not exactly Twitter-friendly… seeing that they’re owned by Facebook! Take a look at some alternatives including: Snapseed and Hipster. -… read more

Would You Pay With a Tweet?

July 21st, 2011

Would you post a Tweet in exchange for a whitepaper, ebook, song or any other digital good? That’s the exact idea behind Pay With a Tweet. With this “social payment” system, consumers “purchase” by tweeting about a certain “product”. By doing so, they create more buzz surround their purchase amongst their personal social network. If… read more

Twitter’s New Photo Search

June 3rd, 2011

Picture this: you’re out with your friends or at an event – how often do you pull out your phone to take a picture and share it with your social network(s)? If you’re like a majority of mobile users, the chances are that you do this a lot! Twitter recently unveiled a new search feature… read more

The Many Faces of Social Media

April 29th, 2011

When you think about the purpose of social media, what first comes to your mind? Nowadays, I don’t think there’s one “right” answer because social media is useful in so many ways. Let’s take a look at the different faces of social media: The microblogger – When Twitter first came out, it was all about… read more

3 Thoughts on Social Media Marketing

March 28th, 2011

Are you feeling overloaded by social media marketing news? If you find that there’s just too much to keep up with, here are 3 recent stories that caught my eye: The Like Log Study by Yahoo! Labs WHAT: This is a study that is a must read for statistics-fanatics and social media lovers alike. Over… read more

How Do You Retweet?

February 22nd, 2011

Retweeting is a great way to share a interesting facts, shocking statements and little nuggets of wisdom. Even though there are countless types of messages to Retweet, there are two basic ways to do so. Twitter has an official Retweet button but some users still prefer the “old” style, by manually typing a RT in… read more

Making the Most of Your Social Media Content

February 14th, 2011

After all your hard work , you want to make sure that your efforts don’t get lost in the sea of online content. From your regular blog posts to  Tweets, here are some ways you can make sure that you’re making the most out of your social media content: Blog – Writing a post-worthy blog… read more

Managing Your Online Reputation

February 10th, 2011

As Joan Jett famously sang,”I don’t give a damn ’bout my bad reputation.” If you’re amongst the few with this mindset, there’s always room for improvement. One important aspect of social media marketing is managing your online reputation. And that consists of two basic parts: 1) Staying alert about negative feedback 2) Being ready to… read more

Tools for Measuring Facebook Engagement and Growth

February 7th, 2011

Measuring engagement and ROI can be tricky topics… but even more so when it comes to your Facebook Page. As of now, there is no definitive answer or “right” way to do it. Luckily, there are many tools and strategies that will help give you a better understanding of the social activity on your Facebook… read more