YouTube Video Marketing

I came across a video on YouTube the other night after the Obama victory speech that was promoting a DVD that a therapist in Florida produced. I was very impressed with this tactic of getting some potential viewers. The therapist that created the video included Obama in the title for the video.  I’m positive this YouTube video promoting a DVD got some decent traffic after the victory speech.  Video marketing on the web has become mainstream now so make sure and add this to your arsenal when it comes to search marketing. We will be posting more on video marketing in the upcoming months.

2 thoughts on “YouTube Video Marketing”

  1. I came across that same video and you are right having video on the web makes a huge difference. I am thinking of adding some to my own sites to attract more people. But it is hard to tell when a video is being useful versus junk.

  2. Ya I liked that video. Infact I included a video of Obama speaking on a recent post that I did. But I did not include it through the media I just did a link. Next time I will try and put the video in the post itself, it is so much more interesting that way.

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